Buried inside of me by Angela Nimah

Angela Nimah | Nov 5th, 2018 | poetry | No Comments


I promise to be open to all that love offers
I’m hardly a saint
My shadows are no different from yours
Some people fall victim to the sky
While on days that feel like I don’t love myself enough I slip into a void
You have to tap into your darkness to alchemize your light
I promise to stay true to the path
I’m a rebel disobedient to all laws that are against divinity
I conform to what is true and infinite
I promise to pour libations wherever I go
I’m propelled to evolve
The more I feed my soul the faster I evolve
Most people question whether there’s a God when terrible things happen to innocent people
But what they fail to understand is that God governs all worlds, good and evil
I promise to weather the storm on days I’m unable to swim
I love the idea of making room within myself for the miracles which await me
I’m reaffirming healthy boundaries to the things that don’t resonate with my evolution
Being alone and accepting love from myself is a wonderful reminder of why I’m here
Of why I’m alive
No one is the keeper of me
I create my own destiny

Poet Bio

Angela Nimah, is a South African creative entrepreneur, musician, writer, illustrator, crochet designer and founder of crochet & knitwear clothing brand R V L™

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