Build the Library by BlackMayBe

BlackMayBe | August 11th, 2015 | a poem a day challenge, poetry | No Comments

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Burn the bottle store,
Fan the fire with the liquor and topple this store,
Take away the devil’s control by burning it to the floor,
Wobble the giant until it falls,
Opening new portals for every closed door,
Breaking out of this life in a bottle assuming our uncontainable form,
Remodel the design to restore,
Providing solutions to problems only soluble in their simplest form,
Learn that it is possible if we explore,
Teach so that the next generation can be able to evolve,
Leave a model of how we overcame for the next generation to follow,
Build a place and keep this information for the community access,
Build our community,
Build a library,

A people of consumers,
The technology has consumed us,
The alcohol has been consuming us,
Occurring in the whole scheme of life as tumours,
A people of viewers,
Programmed by tv producers,
A people of end users,
We never cared how it was build and that’s how it was used to use us,

My people it is time to build,
We have been on a path of self destruction it’s time we dig,
Fertilize the soil and place the seed,
Water it regularly so it prospers and bears new seeds,
See beyond today and satisfy the need,
Spend our last monies on an opportunity to give,
The best kept secret is actually easy to keep,
The best kept secret is revealed in any library,
Build a library for the kids,
It is time we build for ourselves,
Teach ourselves,
Equip ourselves,
Delete what has been destroying us,
Educate and inform,
Make this information easily attainable to the community,
Let’s build a library.

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Poet MC/Metallurgical Engineer/Aspiring Enterpreneur/Dream Chaser/Student of Life/God above everything kind of person/Blessed/Winner

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