BURNING By Xitha Makgeta

Xitha Makgeta | Jan 26th, 2022 | poetry | No Comments


Her breast is what went wrong
Her ass moves like she’s dancing to a song
Her legs are long
Her eyes cast a spell
Hips swing like a church bell
Is she a boy?
Is he a girl?
The society is what went wrong
They nailed her to the bible
This woman, unravel through poem
She’s a ball of fire, a trail of burning
She’s a woman rolling

They wrote her obituary with hard dicks
Now her vagina is a street song in protest
She’ll never sober
Yes! Maybe god is lesbian and her pussy learned its lesson
To forget how to breathe
To remember the closet

You replace a woman’s face with a vagina
Cause a man’s world is a hard penis
And deep pockets for ego stoking.
Your dick is not a leak slow drip
Ask that woman
Dick is disposable.

We taught you how to become fire
Now your flames reach and burn our daughters
They are burning
We thought it was their weed smoking
But it was their bodies doused with gasoline
They are burning
In the hands of their lovers
These bruises become death marks
They are burning
The neighbour heard her scream
The neighbour called the police
Pathologists came with a body bag
They are burning
In a casket, feet first enter church
The grave is a final resting place
They are burning.

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