Butterfly by SianSunflower

SianSunflower | May 13th, 2019 | poetry | No Comments


“You have changed.”
and she glows
-because she knows.
She hoped to have changed,
to have undergone tremendous shifts.
As though her being thus far had been a dormant volcano.
She has healed molten wounds etched deep inside her ageless soul…

She didn’t wish to fit the confines of a warped societal mind.
She had a mind of her own,
ideals of her own.
And so,
she promised herself to amount to nothing less
than a true representation of happiness.

Yes, she has changed,
She will continue to change, to grow and evolve.
This is the intrinsic metamorphosis of a woman
who always knew her capacity to become a butterfly.
– A wild thing with wings.

Poet Bio

Sian is 20 years of age, currently working, traveling and studying in and around South Africa. Though young, she aims to make a difference in this world through poetic language and art. It is her greatest passion to teach, enable and empower others.

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