Call For Submissions: Poetry Potion 12 [CLOSED]

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This is a call for the Poetry Potion Print Quarterly 12

This edition of Poetry Potion will launch in September and is focused on exploring the idea of The Others. Who or what exactly are The Others?

“In dichotomies crucial for the practice and the vision of social order the differentiating power hides as a rule behind members of the opposition. The second member is but an other of the first, the opposite (degraded suppressed, exiled) side of the first and its creation. Thus abnormality is the other of the norm…woman the other of man,stranger the other of the native, enemy the other friend, ‘them’ the other of ‘us’…” -Zygmunt Bauman on Otherness

This call asks for submissions that interrogate the idea of Otherness, or the otherizing of ideas, or persons or lifestyles etc. It brings to the fore the deviant and the stranger and those things that exist outside our immediate frame of reference. Who or what does the others represent?

The Theme is:

The Others

Poets are encouraged to submit no more than three poems-please refer to our submissions guidelines to ensure that you submit correctly. We are looking for new poems- poems that have not been published elsewhere.(Poems published on Facebook or Twitter are considered published)

The best poems will interpret the theme in a refreshing and unique way. The selected poems will avoid the standard and mundane. It will explore the creative use of language, subtle complexities, and include form (stanza, rhyme syntax aesthetic language etc).The best poems will excite and incite the reader. It will introduce The Other in a familiar, yet new way.


Deadline 18 August 2017 11:59


To submit poems use the form below. Make sure to familiarize yourself with our submission guidelines before submitting.

For queries, please comment below or on our Facebook page or via Twitter or send an email.

Do not submit poems via email.

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