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Poetry Potion is now accepting poetry submissions for our Poetry Potion Review.

For over 13-years Poetry Potion has dedicated itself to providing a free platform for poets and readers to share their poetry in its different forms. We have published thousands of poems and poets from around the world through both our online platform and Poetry Potion quarterly journals. The Poetry Potion Review is a new addition to our print endeavours. The Poetry Potion Review will be published once a year and will feature more poetry, essays, and reviews and also looks to include more contributors from around the African continent and the diasporas.

We want you to send us poems.

There is no specific theme for this Review but we are particularly interested in high-quality poetry that questions convention, that subverts and challenges the norm.  Send poems that reflect the complex nature of human culture, poems that advance inclusivity, poems that speak of this moment we collectively find ourselves in. We welcome poems in indigenous languages and other under-represented voices.

All featured poems will receive a R500 honorarium.

Submissions are limited to two poems.

Previously published poems will not be considered for publishing. We do not accept racist, homophobic or misogynistic submissions of any kind. Keep that to yourself. Then get rid of it and the spirit it was written in.  

DEADLINE 30 JUNE 2020 23:59

To submit poems for Poetry Potion Review use the form below. Please see our submission guidelines before submitting.


title of poem (required) *
poem (required) *
Copy and paste your poem here. Only one poem at a time. Include a glossary, or an English translation or a paragraph summarising the poem.

Has this poem been published anywhere yet? (Website, social media, blogs or in print?)
pen name (optional)
Your publishing name, if it is different from your real name.
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 By submitting to you certify that this poem is your original work 
 If poem not in English; you have submitted a translation (or glossary) or a paragraph explaining what your poem is about 
 By submitting you are authorising to publish your work online 
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