Call For Submissions: Print Quarterly Number Eight (CLOSED)

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1994 was a year of big changes for South Africa. From the end of apartheid, to the majority rule. From the first democratic vote, to a new black government, South African tasted fear, hope, euphoria and the possibility of dreams coming true. Twenty years later, there has been a lot to reflect on.

So much to celebrate, so little to celebrate…

In this edition we want to publish poems that are inspired by, or are about South Africa twenty years after apartheid ended. We’re looking for poems that explore and express hope, dreams, fear, truth, untruth, reconciliation, freedom, democracy, leadership, politics, love, race, gender, education, health, culture, inspiration, aspiration, beauty, the past, war, the future

Print quarterly number eight is themed:

Dear South Africa…

You don’t have to be South African to submit. You may submit in an indigenous African language.

These poems must go beyond “just expressing yourself”. The best poems will interpret this theme/title in an interesting, unique, left-field way. The poems published will avoid the obvious and mundane.

The best poems will play with form – stanza, rhyme, syntax, aesthetic, language, subject – and also language and languages. The best poems will challenge, dazzle, move, inspire the reader.

Deadline: 30 November 2014, 11:45pm

To submit poems, click here. Make sure to read our submission guidelines before submitting.

If you have any questions, then please comment below, or on our Facebook page or on Twitter (#DearSA) or send an email.

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