Can a poem ever die? by Amreen B. Shaikh

Amreen B. Shaikh | March 4th, 2014 | current issue, poetry | No Comments


A poem is alive
like any being,
as it lives
its thoughts and feelings.

[restrict …]It is fed by emotions,
given beauty by the imagery
it creates,
and stays in the abode of words.

It speaks an untold story,
whispers a deep secret,
unfolds a mystery,
or impacts a revolution.

It boasts
its immortality,
which spreads its words
to cast an ever rising spirit.

But like every living being
A poem is also blessed a death.
And it dies
when it loses its meaning.[/restrict]
Amreen B. Shaikh is an amateur poetess and writes in leisure. A Web Designer by profession, she has been working since a year, immediately, after her graduation in the IT field. She blogs on and has received immense love from her fellow bloggers. Also, her poems are published in few anthologies in the UK. She has recently published her poetry e-book “Thoughtfully Crafted Words” online and is receiving good reviews on it.



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