Can I be by Maggy Greaver

Maggy Greaver | February 9th, 2018 | poetry | No Comments

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I’m not your sister
I’m not your child
I’m not your daughter
I’m not your mother
I’m not your wife
I’m not your friend
I’m not your colleague
I’m Me
I make my mistake
I Live my life
I love my life
I struggle
I choke
I Rise
I fall
I’m God’s
Can I be ?
I cannot be yours
I cannot complete you
I cannot please you
I cannot obey you
I cannot live in your head
I cannot be That for you
That which you
think I must be
I cannot fulfill your Rules
I cannot justify your judgements
I cannot be your hypocrisy
I cannot be your measure of successes
I cannot rectify your own failures
I cannot be punished for your own
I’m God’s
Can I be?
I’m conscious of my pain
I’m the assessor of my mistakes
I’m the celebrator of my triumphs
I’m the warrior of my wars
I’m my own worst critic
My own best friend
My own best cheerleader
My best spirit lives in me
It guides me just as yours does you
So I cannot be yours
to mold to your hypocrisy
I’m God’s
Can I be

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