Castle In The Clouds by storiesin_howls

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Poet Bio

trapped in a cage
she listens to the songs of her people
always the same bitter lyrics
the tunes of resignation

she craves a different life
but they only laugh
and tell her to accept their fate
it’s always been like this
and it will never change

with time she slowly loses faith
poisoned by their words
but her heart still sings wistful songs at night
and her mind imagines castles in the clouds
her soul flies high in her dreams

her people shake their heads
the world is dangerous they sing
it has claws
and once you fly
you will fall
stay with us
stay safe in here

but she can’t
can’t live her life like them
there has to be more
more than this

one day
she leaves the cage
and spreads her wings
breaking free from their groping hands
and from their startled cries
she emerges

feeling lighter with every flap of her golden wings
she leaves the cage
and the songs of her people behind

she flies towards a different life
towards her own castle
her castle in the clouds

Poet Bio

Nadja Sturm is a 28-year-old writer from Germany. She writes in German as well as in English and has been writing stories since Primary school. She studied to become a teacher for History and the German language. She likes to read, take thoughtful walks and be with her husband and her three cats.

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