Celebrating Celibacy by Fezekile Futhwa

Fezekile Futhwa | May 1st, 2009 | poetry | No Comments

In celebration of my independence
In celebrating my oneness
Celebration of my inner peace
Me, myself and I
I declare this day
This and every other day
That shall follow henceforth
The day of celibacy

On this particular day
When I feel betrayed, let down
After yet another disappointing episode
My feelings hurt
Emotions high, eyes glowing with tears
Tears of sadness, tears of sorrow
I declare this day
The day of celibacy
I swear to myself
To my spirit and soul
That from this day henceforth
I shall remain pure and untainted
Pure as snow on a cold day
On this my day of celibacy

My heart is broken
My soul lost and my body wallows
From heart aches and pains
From worry and troubles
Brought by the next person
The person I found in my company
On that day, when I declared my love
But over and over again
My love is wasted, spilled and spoilt
On people who seem intend on wasting my love
And I accept no more
Wasted love and lovers
For this my heart has finally caved
Closed up and shut tight
On this day of declaration
My day of celibacy

I pronounce and proclaim
That these feelings I have
Shall remain mine and mine alone
Embraced, respected and enjoyed
Like only caring people can
To protect this my heart
From these suspect ways
Of them lovers and pretenders
I solemnly declare
To me, myself and I
To the universe, the world
That God gave me myself
And myself I shall protect
From this day forward
This my day of proclamation
This my day of celibacy

Today I shall rejoice
Celebrate and chant
Declare myself victorious
That I have found purity and truth
In me, myself and I
On this day of self expression
This day when I declare
That henceforth, me myself and I
Will forever remain pure
Be celibate, innocent and celebrant
On this day of my declaration
As I venture on my journey
Being celibant, celibacing and celibacy

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