Celebration by Fathima Dawood (featured)

Fathima Dawood | August 5th, 2009 | featured poem, poetry | No Comments

Jubilantly, excitedly, unabashedly celebrating,
Spiritedly, animatedly, enjoyably consorting,
Awakening to the heat of our African Sun,
Cavorting so splendidly in our gathering so grand,
We applaud our efforts by enjoining our hands,
Declaring our presence that enhances our land,
Honing our talents in this spirit of adventure,
Coming together and appreciating our diverse culture,
Awakening to this creed we have entwined in each heart,
I implore your frivolity and absolute mirth,
Hear ye the sounds of the heartbeat of our land,
Seek the sublime in our breathtaking sight,
Succumb to the richness of our deep African delights,
Soak in the laughter of our dizzying heights,
Discover the freedom sensuous surrender,
Seek the free fall and let yourself wander….

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