Channelling Aretaeus by Douglas Colston

Douglas Colston | September 25th, 2022 | poetry | No Comments

Poet Bio

On the condition
that they are light at heart,
and free from grief or pain,
when produced at the right time,
a conversation during a walk
creates an atmosphere of closeness
and openness.

Poet Bio

Douglas Colston has played in Ska bands, picked up university degrees, supported his parents during terminal illnesses, married his love, fathered two great children, had his inheritance embezzled, transitioned into Counselling as a vocation and experienced debilitating mental and physical illnesses. Now, among other things, he is pursuing a PhD. Some of his current and pending publication credits include works in the following: Mercury Retrograde; The Seattle Star; A Poem a Day; Revue {R}évolution; Blue Unicorn; Impspired; Ygdrasil, A Journal of the Poetic Arts;
POETiCA REViEW; New Note Poetry; Red Door Magazine; and New World Writing.

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