Chasing shadows by Simonne Stellenboom

Simonne Stellenboom | October 30th, 2018 | poetry | No Comments


My grandmother did not lie.
“Everything has a beginning,
everything has an end.”
Everything has a goodbye,

goodnight. And in the morning
there will be a little rising
of a sun that we would pretend
brings light to those in mourning.

Lies, we tell with our legs, mouths and eyes.
Oh, how fabricated air can be so comforting.
And for it, we break, tear, rip and defend.
From the womb to the grave, it’s all cries, it’s all lies.

When it’s all stills and silence.
Hearts racing and we are all thinking
of, the broken pieces we couldn’t mend,
chasing shadows with such cadence.

Poet Bio

Simonne loves writing and even though poetry is her first love, she has started blogging and has a keen interest in becoming a freelance copywriter. Simonne is actively pursuing her passions in becoming a social entrepreneur, considers herself a feminist and is passionate about youth development, believes in equal education and is unapologetically social.

Simonne is a lifelong learner and looks forward to furthering her studies locally or internationally. Simonne’s first publication was in the University of the Western Cape Creative Writing Journal and the feedback received gave her the courage to submit more of her work. She has since then been published on Poetry Potion, Kalahari Review and The Next Generation Global Youth Anthology and one of her poems have been used by the University of South Africa in their second year English Course.

Simonne expresses her reflections on personal experiences through her poetry and hopes that others may find her journey of experimenting with words interesting and useful.

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