Child of Mockery by Nkwana Joshua

Nkwana Joshua | Nov 22nd, 2018 | poetry | No Comments


for a young soldier
who crossed
tongue bullets
running for life longed
because of being black

dear child of ridicule:
you might’ve your skin
flying out of your bones
or your marrow sprinkling out
of your pores, when they
mop your skin with malice words,
calling you;
and all the other names
their grandfathers dreamed out
their grandchildren not to be

your name might be
dishing plates in the kitchen
cut by knives and
held around with folks
to soak their dry tongues
when there’s nothing left to eat
but yourself only

dear child of mockery:
when they fit nothing else
but your name screeching
between their tongues and gums
twisted in between minutes and hours
deriving conclusions
that never conclude the colour
of your skin
for it always brings confusion
inside their mouth floors
like sparkling water

tell them your skin is maps
to heaven
molecules causing stars
to glow at night
your fingers are vertices
of the sky
holding oceans on the neck
your nails like penetrating sun rays
en routing to set light on earth

tell them your hair is a field of goddess
yielding pyres
for those who curse
their creation

dear child:
when they speak of nothing else
but yourself
do not let your skin drown
in tongues
of deserted tissues
that always seeking
for anything living
to suck in.

Poet Bio

Nkwana Joshua Serutle is a writer, spoken word poet and fine art artist, who was born and raised outside Burgersfort, Limpopo. In 2017 he joined Mzansi Poetry Academy to enhance his writing skill. His work
draws much attention on the streets and shifting paradigms on social issues. Some of his highlights in 2017 includes performing at SABC 1, Yo TV. Later on that year he became Top 10 finalist for Leleme La Mme poetry competition. He won the CSP 2018 Open Slam King of the Mic. His poems had been published on Poetry Potion online magazine, Odd Magazine and Sol Plaatje European Union Poetry Anthology Vol 8.

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