Children of the Night by Xitha Makgeta

Xitha Makgeta | August 19th, 2015 | poetry | No Comments

Poet Bio

Until wombs die and wrinkles grow deep on their faces
they’ll remain, children of the night,
consuming flames till gentle smoke swirls from their lips,
every time they breathe

they’ll wear dreams in coded languages they’ll fail to crack,
while reading stars as heaven claim their virginity back
they’ll drive moonlight naked praying for a fuck
or twenty Rands for a job that blows like winds from corners of the earth

Children of the night
leaving footprints on cursed pavements,
with hope pony tailed on sacred street lambs
they’ll proclaim their innocence through opened thighs,
exposed breasts and tempting poses.

Poet Bio

Xitha Makgeta is a writer born in Mamelodi, Pretoria where he currently resides and practices his art.
he also experiments with paint and videography.

In fragments (E.P) 2008
Rap-Oetree (E.P) 2010

Featured Festivals:
Grahamstown National Arts (2004/2008)
Amasiko Heritage fest (2012)

In 2012 he staged his first theatre production titled BITS and PIECES.

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