The Christmas Holiday by Rishan Singh

Rishan Singh | December 25th, 2017 | poetry | No Comments


The Christmas Holiday


On the Christmas tree,
the angel at the top
dances to the festivities,
and people’s laughter.

Childrens’ slip-ups
are excused, whether their bellies are filled,
or fall on them, while
adorning the Christmas tree.

Adults hug each other, and
enjoy their bubbly as angels
turn round-and-round; and
play musical chairs.


(crick-crack sound)

Gatherings hold up
the tree; while the music
no longer displays gratitude to its patrons.

The old leave;
the angel sparkles back at its spine

Poet Bio

Rishan Singh is a writer based in Durban, South Africa. His poems have appeared in books and journals, both in South Africa and other countries. He was amongst the 5 finalists at the 2014 eThekwini Municipality Library Awards, hosted by the Department of Parks, Leisure and Recreation in Durban. Many sub-themes have been addressed in his writing to date.

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