Circles and Corners by Dshamilja Roshani

Dshamilja Roshani | Sep 24th, 2019 | poetry | No Comments


The pain in you
Seems to long for direction
To ease the burden of nothingness.
But please, don’t follow me
I am lost too
In circular questions
Of unreal reality and
Its really violent expressions,
Spinning and swinging
Around the beginning of my consciousness,
Seeking to sneak in
Their beautifully senseless
Selective distractions

So maybe
You and me
Can centre ourselves,
Just for a bit. Quit searching
For progress
And destinations,
Just draw a few circles
To soften the cutting edges of existence
To stop society from cornering us
To reconcile ourselves
With the pending pain
Of plain being
Just for a while,
Just for a while.

Poet Bio

Dshamilja feels things, thinks things, does things.
And she sometimes writes things to process the above.

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