Come on inside by Bernadette Richards

Bernadette Richards | Nov 2nd, 2020 | poetry | No Comments


Mourning a friendship
I thought would be
There were ticks in all the tick boxes
Except the one which wasn’t mine to fill in

We’re talking about Samantha’s cousin Ernie
not you, Bernie
I’m almost sorry I don’t like mangoes
Damn my shins for always itching

A sliver of moonlight
with the boys and their marbles
I never did have money
to buy the pretty hairpins Alexander was selling
I was the little girl secretly wishing for an alter boy’s insight

And now it encircles me, your living room
like a dark, inviting alleyway
I want to taste…and I want you to taste too
Yet we both leave this place
Squandered once again
like a meal untouched

Help me create a door
for the forgotten ones
for the crumbling daughters and sons
For whom but you and I
can welcome them inside?

Poet Bio

Bernadette Richards is from Cape Town. She is inspired by diverse forms of art and believes that creativity is one of the best forms of therapy.

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