Common Enemy by Chane Rose-Marie Kellerman Weyers

Chane Rose-Marie Kellerman Weyers | April 26th, 2016 | a poem a day challenge, poetry | No Comments

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How can one feel so strong.
Yet look so weak?
As i stare at my reflection.
I turn away in disgust.
I am my own enemy.
Fight i have to fight!
Yet i can not move.
I have no control.
I am so tired.
So tired.
But it has barely began.
I am being eaten away.
Like a cat eating a mouse.
Like a demon eats a soul.
Gorging… devouring.
All evidence of my existence wiped.
Then i ask you once more.
How can one feel so strong.
Yet look so weak?
Strength is a illusion of the mind.
Strength is false hope.
Strength is like a mirage.
Never truly there.
Then finally.
It ends.

Poet Bio

Chane lives in South Africa in a town very close to wild life. She is age 20 and has a son of 4 and a husband all so father of her son. She loves South Africa because of the wild life and this is one of the few things keeping her here. She has always written poems as a outlet of her emotional feelings.

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