Components of Life! by Geeta

Geeta | Aug 7th, 2020 | poetry | No Comments


Salt in water
water in salt
and is
aqua brine
from the mysterious seas
home to many organisms
of different shape and size,
life-threatening too!

Far far away prompting,
burgeoning ,
a buzzing life
in the lagoons,
fishes of different hues
pearls divine.

Far far away in the
Northern countryside,
the therapist
the souls
through therapeutic pools
of salt and water,
reviving vigour and vitality
curing muscles n agility.

Far far away on the brazen lands
Salt on wounds
is the way
that makes people very gay.
Oblivious of the hurt and pain
they get pleasure and gain.

Poet Bio

Dr Geeta Bhandari is senior faculty member of a College India. She specializes in the aesthetics of Modern British Fiction and has added to the corpus of Iris Murdoch’s criticism with her first book, The Novels of Iris Murdoch, which was published in 2009. She is an Associate Editor, Literary Voice. Odyssey of Love is her second attempt wherein she treats metaphysics, the nature of self, being, existence, time, and space as the ultimate underlying principles of life and reflects how they steer and guide mankind towards morality. She explores the attempts of man, which he makes for self-perfection, and discovers the beauty of the human soul and magic of love that characterizes his life. She feels self-surrender in love can lead to ultimate and unlimited reality. She endorses Murdoch by saying that it’s only through the celebration of love and freedom that we can understand the ‘otherness’of other human beings

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