Condemnity by Lazola Pambo

Lazola Pambo | June 18th, 2012 | poetry | No Comments

Poet Bio

Tree  branches  are  scattered, the green  leaves  are  trampled
Gone  is  the  future- which  we  all  have  been  seeking
Our  fruitful  treasures  have  been  lottery  gambled
Minds  are  not  thinking,  we  are  silent,  not  speaking
This  is  the  last  phase, of  our  most  tragic  destruction
Poets  have  spoken  for  long,  not  really  being  heard
Eternal  life  being  seen  as  another  boggling  assumption

Humans  never  paying  attention,  to  every  single  word
Whispers  of  the  strong  wind,  in  the  light of the  day
Railing  for  the  scattering  of  ignorant  minds
Not  pleading  with  anyone,  nor  paving  the  way
Some  tearful  crack  of  bones, the crunch  breaking  of  spines
Trust  never  meant  anything,  to  our  livelihood
Until  our  graves  open up, Oh  shall we  die obscured

Poet Bio

Lazola  Pambo  was  born  in  South  Africa, in  the  town  of  Umtata- located  in  the Eastern  Cape. Has  published  7  anthologies  of  poetry, gaining  modest  acclaim  from  well  known  local  newspapers such  as “ The Representative” and “The  Daily  Dispatch”. Titles  of  those  published  and  well received  anthologies  are, “ Lyrical  Poetry  In Solitary  Times (Book 1-4)”, “ Forevermore: An  Allegoric  Poem”, “ Gentle  Giants ( Volume 1-2)”. Currently  studying  a BA  in  Languages & Literature  at  the  University  Of  South  Africa (UNISA). Hobbies  are  writing  articles  for  newspapers,  mountain  climbing  and  listening  to  classical  opera music.

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