Consumed by Zakhele Bhayi

Zakhele Bhayi | June 11th, 2015 | a poem a day challenge, poetry | No Comments

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Life shatters, scatters particles of my being into outer space,
Drifting with the wind in my powder phase,
While waiting for God to change the conditions of my design…
Temperature, pressure, economics so again I can be concrete,
I have been through every phase – gaseous, liquid and my most stable solid,
I want to get back to that equilibrium state where I was most fit,
When I was living this life with only food, air and a motive,
A purpose to connect to God’s link,
Browse through heaven in search of peace of mind,
At the end of my search when I find my peace settle and unwind,
Unwind my strings before I assemble again to do my Puppeteer’s biding,
Pulling my own strings with God willing,

I am consumed by an unfulfilled prophecy,
To change the existing conditions of my society,
Uplift my people from the conditions of normality,
Be that freak of nature that everybody wants to be but are scared to,
Because we get to be looked at and treated differently,
Because our ideas are still a trial and error case they are yet to be verified experimentally,

I am consumed by a pair of shoes designed for my fitting,
The shoes that walked my talk, worn out at the corner of their heels telling tales of my travels, the self-spoken shoes,
I am consumed by a path only walked by a chosen few,
I am looking at the world with only my right eye on the roof of a skyscraper and tell people what I see because that’s an important view,
It’s different from what I stand tolerant to,
This view I actually like,

I stand untamed by any law, rule or feeling,
I am a logical thinker, who took the path that to most does not make sense,
Sometimes I sit for days a captive of my own thoughts,
Once I understand them,
I am freed,
Then I captivate the world and emancipate them from self,
Because sometimes self is a trap,
Consumed by a chain of events that no matter which route I take they are still going to yield the same outcome,
My destiny I can never outrun,
Consumed by dead dreams that haunt me,
New dreams that will be the damn of me,
Words in my head I want to leave behind for the next generation to quote me,
Consumed until I assume my God intended form.

Poet Bio

Poet MC/Metallurgical Engineer/Aspiring Enterpreneur/Dream Chaser/Student of Life/God above everything kind of person/Blessed/Winner

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