Conversation With A Beat by Sihle Ntuli

Sihle Ntuli | January 30th, 2009 | poetry | No Comments

Beat of my Africa,
I feel you sending nervous sensations through my body,
Your volts run through me giving me the power,
You got me throwing of my shoes,
So I can feel it on my sole,
I plugged my earphones to my chest,
So I can hear it in my soul,
The beat that beats within me,
So I could dance to It,
Rhythmically moving forward my indigenous jive,
The jive of my township & the jive of my ghetto.

Beat of my Africa,
I feel you I feel you deep,
The beat within me that was reproduced by you,
The father Is an overwhelming Africa,
The mother Is my young heart shocked,
Maintaining stamina to dance on dusty dancefloors all night long,
Making my barefeet dusty but the free beat has me Careless,
Just dancing away free,
Threw the shackles of shoes of long ago,
Now I dance to Africa’s beat,
I could Twist myself like im Ishan Stilt,
Or put my foot down like a zulu dance,
But I Dance Non the less,
Dusty footed Conversations with an African Beat,
My Body language tells a story of how deep i feel the beat.

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