Couldn’t you forsake it? by Ntaoleng Patience Noxolo Labane

Ntaoleng Patience Labane | March 15th, 2021 | poetry | No Comments

Poet Bio

For a moment…
Hear me
For a moment let us drown
I will hold your hand as the water fills your lungs
I too will be drowning
It will hurt for a moment
And then…
It will hurt no more
We will cleanse ourselves into a new life
We know not of the other side
If, there is life after death
But I know you are tired
So am I
I want us to be in less pain
I cannot guarantee the existence of God
But I have seen a kingdom like Heaven rise from the ashes of my troubled life
I do not know if life on the other side is beautiful
But I have tasted a little of the afterlife every time I dream after a sweet prayer
I don’t know if it will stop hurting
But I know that at some point there’s a sweet release
You may not believe in God
But you believe In me
And I in Him
Faith I measure for both of us
Do not be afraid
For drowning is not the worst of these

Poet Bio

Ntaoleng Patience Noxolo Labane is a poet from the Free State. She is a Psychology major with her degree from The University of the Free State. She is a two time slam champion, holding two titles in the Free State. She’s the podcast host of Her Thoughts. Ntaoleng has worked with several notable figures in the poetry industry such as Siphokazi Jonas, JahRose, Hope Netshivhambe, Maleshoane Ladybird Mphutlane, Dera Melani and so forth. She’s has been a performing poet since 2018, is a visual artist, a vocalist, a theater minor, and so forth. Ntaoleng has been part of Word n Sound, Hear My Voice, Soul infusion fest, Pay the poet fest, Poetic Blues, Radioactive blog/events and more.

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