Courage by Letlhogonolo Mashego

Letlhogonolo Mashego | February 28th, 2011 | poetry | No Comments

Engage me with the power that lacks fear,
here I am torn apart by the presence of fear.
Hear this cry, my eyes are gazing upon the sky.
The sky is blue yet I feel glued to the glory that awaits me
but my goals and objectives are so big if not huge me.
Judge me not based on the torn and tarnished garments I wear,
because every gold stone need to be tested in fire.
Therefore, accept me as a processed stone.
Be not possessed in great victory of my shabbiness,
for this courage I asked for in the first line is in me,
Its just that I didn’t know it when I said that, but now that I know it,
let me explain it to you that you may know it intimately.
It is dressed up in a sparkled glossy garment,
it is stronger than procrastination for its twinkles a melody
that keeps one going for more and more.
It is sharper than fear since its sword is as red as the sun
yet it is oozing sparkling water of hope from its two edges.
Its patience is slow to anger for it is always hungry for success.
I confess that, by grace, this thing known to man as courage, 
had it not been in me,
I would not be where I am today without it,
I am thankful that it made me who I am because of 
the great I AM that I am in his image.
This courage comes from nowhere else in me but from
my inventor who created man and everything by giving 
courage to the words he spoke when creation began.

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