COURAGE CALLS by Mbongeni Khumalo

Mbongeni Khumalo | June 3rd, 2023 | poetry | No Comments


“Courage calls to courage everywhere, and its voice cannot be denied”

– Millicent Fawcett

To have the courage of your convictions
Is to live without any reservations
As the saying goes
Lower your voice and sharpen
Your argument
Nothing mealie-mouthed or said
Tongue in cheek
Blessed are the meek
The beginning of wisdom is
The admission of ignorance
Suffer the suffragist to come to thee
Your better half free
Is half the battle won
For want of courage
Too many truths died unsaid
False conclusions far too gone

Long live the King!

Poet Bio

Mbongeni Khumalo: Author of the poetry collection Apocrypha.

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