Courage Knows Fear by Lwazi Prolific

Lwazi Prolific | February 28th, 2011 | poetry | No Comments


 (please read from the bottom up)

Just it’s not limited by it
Courage knows fear
And cooked in waters of wisdom…
Planted in sacrifice crushed
Feeding her young – maze
Poverty & with the marrow in her
While a mother braves
From cowardly trigger-fingers
Guns blaze
In the troubled noise.
Defining harmony
A muted voice,
Courage is a choice
Which do You take?
Path chosen OR Path open

In the aftermath?
What new level will we even out
All fortresses of worth shake –
When the earth-quakes
Acres of down-to-earth living.
Sky-scrapers decaying where ants continue building
Or a stamped prescription?
Is free-will given a pen & page
When awaiting change
That science is flawed by when calculating?
Strong stand with a survival skill
Down it’s meal through the wind -
Brave a hill to bring
How does an ant
Courage knows fear

Poet Bio

I began writing in 1995, crazed by hip-hop. This began as something I wanted to prove to myself that I could do. As experience would have it, i become exposed to more than the romantic side of writing with my environment changing. As such I’ve grown to writing in a signature of my own. I write my poems from the bottom of a page (from left to right) going upwards…to reach a new point of enlightenment.

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