Crave by Johnny Hlumelo

Johnny Hlumelo | November 16th, 2016 | a poem a day challenge, poetry | No Comments

Poet Bio

A tickle of your fickle thoughts
A lingering of your dark mind
Deep down in your shame you know…
       You want me
       You yearn me
       You crave me

Like a shadow it follows me
From the darkness it calls me
It hides from the light leaving me
Gasps of thin breaths, inhaled and exhaled
       I look, it’s a stolen glance
       A scent of a melting fragrance
       A touch is a subtle feel of pleasure

You can’t escape me. I am your true desire
You can’t neglect me. You know you crave me
Self-seduction is self-doom. So go on fulfil me

Poet Bio

Writing this poem was like facing my inner self in the mirror. From time to time we all face our various weaknesses and we kneel to the seduction of our inner voice that leads us to self-hatred.
Be it drug addiction, obsessions, or sheer lack of self-control towards something. We all have that thing that just attracts us with a great force which just refuses to be neglected, so we succumb to the whispers and find ourselves in the same hole we once pledged never to give in to.

I always say ‘the best way to convince someone is to lead them to convince themselves’ and this is the very base of cravings they tell you that it’s the last time or you have the control. You feel like you have authority but deep within you know that it is the thing that has control over you. Your mind has the power to use your own weakness against you reminding you of the times you really had pleasure in your vice and when you try to over-power it, it’s your own mind that mocks you mercilessly.

In this piece, I am not trying to find resolution to the problem. I’m trying to enlighten the reader of the trap they have set themselves up on, hoping they realize it and run for the hills from it. I was greatly inspired by the masses of youths who suffer from alcohol and sexual addiction having suffered my-self from the likes of those things. Until now I still firmly believe that ‘addiction is the hand that takes and never stops. If you don’t let it go it will take everything from you and leave you worse off than the day you were born’. If that is not a wake-up call I don’t know what is.

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