Crux by Osita Kabba

Poetry Potion | November 3rd, 2014 | a poem a day challenge, poetry | No Comments


Nature’s artwork unveiled displaying a lineal paragon.
Evidence of primal existence, a prototype of basics, all egalitarian kin no elitist.
Elephant ear denoting our actuality, tribes in abundance near but still distant.
Lustrous soil of vigorous heritage, constant variants of congenial dialect and languages.
A nostalgic sentiment, habitat for noir yet embracing all – come as you are.
Water gathered from afar, resting steadily on noble pates, such prowess is marvelled.
Harvesting crops on unvarying heated days, sweat illustrious of altruistic artisan.
Rice cultivated – let the children eat.
Sun replete beaming vicarious delirium, maturing fruit trees.
Music descendant of tribesman welcoming all.
Host to a tropical fluctuation, comprising most are predecessors.
A paradigm deifying a lineage of an everlasting present.
Native gowns broadcasting the essence worn in adulation.
Jewellery the guest of skilled hands. Aesthetics extolled, basked in commemorative episodes.
Mother Nature the inception of the community’s lifeblood, let it live on, an ancestors abode for recreation.
Hands forming sculptures, the artwork, the Pyramids, the Calabash. Primitive craftsmen.
Standing upright in evolution, the universe’s comrade. Patron of ingenuity, heredity of fortitude.
A nation, a good friend, one word three syllables Africa. my crux

Poet Bio

Osita Kabba is 19 yrs old and lives in the UK studying Creative Writing at Cardiff University. Osita has been writing poetry for 4 years as he feels it to be a cathartic outlet, which allows for Him to articulate His thoughts creatively through writing. Osita is a devoted writer who hopes to, one day, have a career as a poet producing compositions of modern literature and publish His collected poems.


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