Crystal Waterfalls by Tlaki

Tlaki | September 29th, 2023 | poetry | No Comments

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The refreshing cooling sprinkles
Making little chills on the skin
Sipping some frozen yoghurt
Minding my own business

All giggles come from the chills sprinkles,that the waterfall blows
Splashing clearly in tiny rocks
Bouncing back like raindrops

Kids and elders alike
Enjoying the scenery and the peace
That come from the refreshing sprinkles
That only waterfalls can offer

Some read some play
Some pose for memories to carry
Some enjoy from sipping their bevs
Nothing beats the cooling of the sprinkles

Time and tide wait for no man
No one is denied access to marvel
All are at liberty to nature’s gifts
To enjoy that which the universe offers

Liberated souls have thought well
Assigned each of themselves
That the time for all is now
As tomorrow isn’t promised

Seasons come and go
Days, months and years alike
Sailers pass by with oceans giants
Looking back is futile then

So, when bones and flesh permit
When breath still borrowed
Ensure you unfold your package
As it’s yours alone to have

When the clock starts to tick low
View with a wide mouth behind
For all the marvels of the universe
That made the heart grow with fondness
For no man or other
Can grant any other benefit.

Poet Bio

A proud mother, teacher, mentor and a lover of humanity, hippos and birds.

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