Dance Flaws by Tulile Siguca

Tulile Siguca | October 13th, 2018 | poetry | No Comments

Poet Bio

At first glance, you will dance with the comfort of a smile

You will chant, gyrate and tap into the tune of my needy flaws

In secure spaces the gleam of my face will move slow with your soul

You will know no more than the lesser man I adorn at dawn to squeeze myself tight as I play my part of the musical

Love is dance routine

As we continue to tango you’ll find there are steps I cannot do

Like commit, to the rhythm of letting you in

I lose count of when to hold and when to let go

I lose, my foot in mouth stomps your soft tune

The following scenes no longer gleam but gloomy and obscene

I am a reminder never to dance on flaws

Poet Bio

Tulile is a Durban based writer, voice-over artist, event organizer/curator and mc/host.

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