Dancing delight by Fathima Dawood

Fathima Dawood | June 5th, 2009 | poetry | No Comments

In sublime wonderment lies blissful content
In the easy breaths of the sun drenched continent
Smitten winds intimately entwine nature
Savvy bouquets sway with seductive fervour
Oblivious animals traipse on the fertile earth
Unabashedly fledglings dance with decided mirth
Taunting waves caress the warmed sand
Serenity fills the vast void of land
Ay what overwhelming joy abounds in anonymity
Forever at peace with the enchanting harmony
The perfect balance struck sin boardroom pristine
Wherein wondrous negotiations amicably convene
And luscious landscapes lewdly entice
What bliss to pass through such a life

**Sin – Spanish word meaning without

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