Dark Knight by Blou Leask

Blou Leask | January 5th, 2010 | poetry | No Comments

you’re an AK47,
a lead loaded gun
this won’t

you’re a dark knight
on a suburban street
you know you lines well
you’re the king of discreet
and somewhere between
the poison and pain
the sun’s sure
to break
every now and again

I’m not very coy
I’ll surrender control
but none will that matter
to the border patrol
so smoke cigarettes
through that paraffin smile
let’s think
dangerous thoughts
and imagine awhile…

what strange twisted times
of fantasy few
where we lock up the dogs
to join the queue
I slip under the knife
you take what you can
my blood ~
~ your mouth
white roses, still life

this cannot be more
than it already is
bolt down the door
step away
from the gun
better this way
than court
chaos to come….

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