Dear Mama by Xolani Ntuli

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Let your prayers accompany me
As a wake up
When the sun rises, when the moon shines
Leave trails so i can follow the word of God
For i don’t need to be lost in light that radiates high
Sing praises and give thanks for the life
With your heart
Bless me with your holy verse so that i can conjure the angels
To protect me
To guard me

Dear God thank you for allowing my words to magnify the candle light
Let them travel through the rays
To capture the days of our life in my hands

Give me a chance to feel my family
Let me drink this tea while it’s hot
To ask the pot how hot the fire is

Poet Bio

Name: Xolani
Last Name :Ntuli
Date of birth: 1989-01-06
Home language: isiZulu
Stage name: scorpionlion
Social network: facebook; xolani ntuli, scorpionlion page
Instagram: Xolani Ntuli
Twitter :Xolani ntuli
E-mail address: [email protected]
Contact number: 0619778629

Xolani Ntuli was Born from soweto writer, blogger and performing poet
Writer in:isiZulu and English

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