Dear Meneer, by Thabang Ngoma

Poetry Potion | March 13th, 2015 | a poem a day challenge, poetry | No Comments


As I land,
You hold my hand
As I fall,
You stand me tall

You opened my eyes
Removed my icecap of blindness
To expose my inner core
And showed me that I’m worth so much more

As I bend,
You mould
As I cry,
You show me the how and the why

About the apeman
That added one plus one
As I live and breathe, I evolve
That his greatest gift to the world, is love

As I play
You knelt to pray
As I itch
You took a stick to teach

As I scratch in class
You stretch my mind like hot glass
The mystery of the life was made clear
A seed of knowledge planted where there was only fear

As I reach
You enrich
As I reflect on your impact
You’re my life’s direction, my retrospect

We waste as the greenhouse effect
We burn in crude oil as dinosaurs went extinct
And as mining coal is our goal
We mirror smoke and turmoil

Thank you,
Mr. Hilary Ramokgopa

Poet Bio

Thabang is an aspiring writer& enjoys reading and the challenge of composing &writing poetry. He’s also a Team Leader, sketch artist & long distance – runner.


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