Dear poetry by Sonny

Sonny | June 18th, 2012 | poetry | No Comments

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How do I get back to you again?
You use to be my shoulder for expression.
Friend to share happiness and sadness with.
Where did we go wrong dear poetry?
You use to eavesdrop me profoundly in myself confession sessions.
Now am all by myself, thinking and wondering if things will ever be the same.
My pen and paper are there while thoughts and emotions are gone.
Where did I go wrong dear poetry?
I use to love and orate about you Imperceptible
Not because am fanatical but self-emotional friendship I developed within.
Dear poetry forgive me for deserting my tenets
Whiles am taking  self-epic retrieval
In my own path of self-evolution
My affection for you will never go away
Although impediments will remain defy in any given time

Poet Bio

Simplicity, determination and efficiency are my motives

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