Dear Woman by Nomfundo Khambule

Nomfundo Khambule | September 15th, 2017 | poetry | No Comments


Death is playing hopscotch on your scars until they bleed

Creating hollow caves that go skin deep

Tying knots that will split your neck and put you in an eternal sleep

Death is ignoring your heart volunteering to speak

leaps cos it’s almost time to sleep

slips into unconsciousness, skips one too many beats

Death is the heat oozing from your skin?

As another woman’s son beats you hard revealing what’s within

Each fist resembling the echo of a drum beat as your heart beat stops like it never had to begin

Thinking it’s worth it because your life is a concoction of his rib and God’s breath

Your flesh almost tasting death

Your feet pleading with burning concrete to keep your dirty secret

When will you say enough?

When will you get mad enough?

Overwhelmed with rage enough to tell him you’ve had enough?


You came to the party guns blazing

Your head flickering above the 9th cloud, you been blazing

But see the marriage of gravity and his strength will make sure you come back down hard

aint no escaping

Just as the earth keeps rotating your head keeps spinning you’re losing direction because your mouth has muted out the inner man speaking

It’s time to wet that clay get on the moulding tray and start fixing

No more crying, start talking

The bones were dried up without breath until Ezekiel learnt the fine art of speaking

Sorry to burst your bubble but

#MenAreTrash will not send vibrations into your lifeless bones in attempt to revive you

Fight back while the soil is still beside you

You’ve got to trust you

You are a brown buttered force

And your tongue is a burning blade

Wonderfully and fearfully made

Pure enough to evoke life

While carrying the world on your back

You are strong

You are bold

You are…


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