Death trying to find acceptance by Khayalethu Mguzulo

Khayalethu Mguzulo | Jul 11th, 2022 | poetry | No Comments


Death trying to find acceptance
In my hour of anguish
I find peace is buried beneath my tongue–
this grave–
It is unsound
I can smell the stench of my death,
the soil surrounding me speaks of how God abandons his own,
His children that
escape this earth by suicide!
So, we teleport questions to the earth’s core into the stars:
How can one disappear from
his creator unnoticed?
how can one unnoticed by his maker disappear from himself

Maybe suicide stretches its neck to be noticed, sinking unsettled
in its birth
heavy becomes the word of rest
as blood screams to hold, it has no use here
perhaps my brother is on the other side with his kin, with his
with his risen angels

no with his hidden angels,
Perhaps not!

The only familiar direction is descent, even the dams of
mercy failed to baptize our bodies
and teach us how to kneel,
how to plead for existence
so, we commit murder unto ourselves–
that is how we find ease.

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