Death Undeviating by Fasaha Mshairi

Fasaha Mshairi | October 21st, 2013 | a poem a day challenge, poetry | No Comments

Poet Bio

We die not the same death
But death mortal rests in,
Hearts attack,
Minds stop working in a sense that living is of nonsense to some,
Death beds cuddlesome,
While some die handsome,
The very hand reached out to get some
Is the death of one.

You see,
Deaths of some remain identical,
The hands of their killers remain hands
But their own blood stains their vessels.
They died killing another,
Still their hearts like mine beat.
Death only awaits their flesh.
For he is undying.

Poet Bio

Fasaha Mshairi, also known as Hotny, is Hazel Tobo. Born in Tembisa in 1993, she grew up in Polokwane. She started writing at the age of 11 and it has grown into the passion. She plays the recorder and harmonica and also does photography as a hobby. She has a published book, audio and DVD, under the theme HAVE WE PUT OUT THE FIRE, together compiled with SHINDIG AWE. She has performed at a number of events around Polokwane, nanely Kgorong Poetry and Sound, Woman’s Conference, Fire on the mountain annual festival in Limpopo and The Next Generation Poetry shows in Melville, Gauteng

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