Deep at the Heart of Stone by JAYDEEP SARANGI

JAYDEEP SARANGI | Jun 4th, 2020 | poetry | 2 Comments


History is a huge snail
coiling and coiling
cell after cell.Door
after door
time scripted on walls and stones.
Days slip
Asp kills the queen.
We walk pass Pompey’s Pillar
We make friends with Serapis.
with faded battle songs
watery deep.
Time’s travelers count tales,
fixed weather vane
a smoky rope.
stones ramble in the road
alone. No career to map.
only stones of time. History
whisk from a day to another,
blood to more blood.
i grope for the Roman Egypt
a route many followed.
Petty kingdoms.
Doors curved in the stone
democracy and tyranny
from the papers browsed
towers, after a spell of smart rain
to watch over the sleepless ephors.

Poet Bio

Jaydeep Sarangi is a bilingual poet with nine collections, latest being, “Heart Raining the Light” (2020) released in Rome, Italy. He is a noted critic with forty-six books and several research papers published in leading journals. Sarangi has read his poems and delivered keynote/plenary talks in different shores of the globe. His later readings were at Flinders University, University of Western Australia, University of Wollongong, Perth Poetry Club(Australia), University of Udine(Italy)and University of Rezeszow (Poland). With Rob Harle, Sarangi has edited six poetry anthologies of poems from Australia and India. He edits “Teesta”, an online international journal for poetry and poetry criticism. For him, small rives rice human lives. He is also known as the “Bard of Dulung” for his several poems on river Dulung and its nearby places/temples/habitations. He is a professor of English and principal at New Alipore College, Kolkata.

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2 thoughts on “Deep at the Heart of Stone by JAYDEEP SARANGI”

  1. The poem succintly recreares bloody Egyptian & Roman history & shows how politics intrudes upon history .Very moving poem

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