DELUGE IN SOWETO by Mbongeni Khumalo

Mbongeni Khumalo | April 8th, 2023 | poetry | No Comments


It doesn’t reign it pause…
The sky sneezes
Wipes its mess with a handkerchief
Of nimbus
The slums swallow its sweat
Sweeping shacks
And mansions
High and dry but still wet
When it rains it pours…
Every wo/man and manhole
Bursting at seams
Inundated by floods
In a water scarce country
We are
Not land-locked
But bore-holed
It doesn’t rain it pours…
Desalination water experts
Hide in JoJo think-tanks
A migrant boat that sank
Bursting its banks
Lightning strikes
Even those who pray for rain
When it rains
It rains for sinner & saint
It rains and paws…
The sun
Blushes & hides its eyeballs
Blinking its eyelashes
‘Cos it’s raining cats & dogs

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Author of the poetry collection Apocrypha

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