Departure by Lesego Ntsime

Lesego Ntsime | Jun 8th, 2019 | poetry | No Comments


His gait is furtive as his back glances at me,
the deafening silence does not seem to dissuade him.
Innocuous footsteps…
Our souls no longer dance in camaraderie.
Cumbersome breaths…
A cavalcade of shadows of the man he once was.
The acrid smell of departure…
A crass breeze rushes in and clings onto my skin engraving goosebumps of a million possibilities-
never to be.

Poet Bio

Lesego is a Joburg-based creative and aspiring writer. She utilizes words, clothing and art as tools to help navigate around uncomfortable notions and spaces, and hopes to spark important conversations around the Self, healing, love and spirituality

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