Depths by Nicol Gowar

Nicol Gowar | August 23rd, 2021 | poetry | No Comments


I see the depths of you lurking
between the cosmos,
abandoned by Serendipity and Fate —
a yearning left in time’s kiss.

Sometimes that smile of yours
is merely a farce to force onto
unsuspecting victims of
the ruins of your path.

She seems to linger
looking for a line to your
depths —
a submarine left along
along the crags of your cheeks.

Time has caught up with you
she is a temptress who
has played her game,
danced her last tango
with the depths of your

Poet Bio

Nicol Gowar hails from Makhanda in the Eastern Cape. She is an English teacher by day and reading fiend by night. She has a lust for learning and life.

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