Derma by Allyson Bantom

Allyson Bantom | Nov 12th, 2018 | poetry | No Comments


we are more than the sum
of our hides
stretched over strained frames
masking eligibility
our souls howl
when skin becomes
an obstacle to equality

we explore the unchartered
reserves of our righteous indignation
warming our hands by its flames

leaping over
contradictory requirements
milky rationalizations
hide-based checklists

hoping to find meaning

this wilderness is thirsty
feet that may never touch soft green
calloused by unforgiving jaggedness
maybe, we’ll hear a voice in the desert

perfect acceptance beyond derma

Poet Bio

My name is Allyson Bantom. I am an IT professional from the Eastern Cape. I have an interest in literature, poetry and issues of social justice.

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