Deserted by Mother Nature by AMOS

AMOS | December 18th, 2021 | poetry | No Comments

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Mother Nature
deserted all
desert life
as it cries unto
the Creator
to open heavenly
taps and shower
their boiling bodies
and embalm dry throats
even if it
is drizzling drops
of a scarce rain
they’ll resurrect
desert shrubs
dropping their
faces like bereaved
widows wailing
and waiting
for their dead

i can see a thirsty
vulture soaring
in the blue skies
with her keen eyes
hunting for the
puddle in the
desert ground
scaling off like
the skin of a
malnutritioned patient

i can see the snake
worming its body
till it reaches
cool room
for its body
spread over
desert braaistand

all desert fauna
and flora throw
their eyes unto
heavens and pin
their hopes on
the miniature stray clouds
scattered like grains
in the sky
where their

the desert opens
her barren hands
inn despair like
a barren woman
turning into a
as she misses
scarce raindrops
trapped in
heavenly maternity
waiting for
the breaking of
from mother nature

Poet Bio

Phahunye Amos Tebeila is a published author for English, Sepedi and Afrikaans poems and now busy with Afrikaans poetry anthology.

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