Did you know by Fasaha Mshairi

Fasaha Mshairi | January 23rd, 2014 | a poem a day challenge, poetry | No Comments

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Used to have pillow fights
Now they exchange blows
Because jobs cost more than just a skill
Bosses have needs you fulfill,
Single mom trying to make ends-meet
Only to meet her end
Traded in by her own friend.
Forget fashion, it’s just a fad
Backstabbing is the new trend.
Made to believe that mortal is a God of another.
If so than we must all be Gods.
But now we conform in his name.
Children silenced for asking questions;
But how come God has an ID book?
“Shut up Sipho and read your book!”
We are a dying world
And not even death can stop us,
Fragments of our imaginations
Lead us to temptations!
Immortality seeking man
Amend the world.

But did you know?
There are women…
Women who leave their homes
To build homes off of other women’s houses
Women who leave their children alone with only locked doors to protect them;
To mind other women’s children.
Women who make a living off empty wallets
No roofs or shoes
But youngings full of smiles
And grumbling bellies that know that mommy is a superhero
Nightmares are a reality there
But sweet dreams roll in mud in their tiny palms.
There the earth has found a sacred home
And stars long to sing them lullabies,
But did you know that some homes are without houses,
That some boys go two years with the same pair of trousers.

Poet Bio

Hazel Tobo born in Tembisa 1993 and grew up in Polokwane. She started writing at the age of 11 and it has grown into the passion. She plays the recorder and harmonica and also does photography as a hobby. She has a published book, audio and DVD, under the theme HAVE WE PUT OUT THE FIRE, together compiled with SHINDIG AWE

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