Dinner by Sihle Ntuli

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To stare at a mirror and feel hungry

Sadistic sun to sinister moon. World spins to points of non recognition.

“Things change” a phrase coined to speak to those who expect to get something back in return. It doesn’t work that way, it only really works one way so you’ll work, work and work….

Bestfriend are shadows that follow you around, make you look bad, showing you you’re just a mere silhoutte.

Movement, Movement, Movement… It bothers you how the sound of a clock can never stay still.

To stare at a mirror and feel hungry. A spoon through your chest will bring out blood and beauty as you love and feel pain in the same colour.

Eyes scream,Eyes scream,Eyes scream…. deserted.

Drumline for a headache throbbing to a beat, swallowing yourself for the third meal of the day and this is how this food goes down.

Staring at the mirror.

Poet Bio

@uSihleNtuli was born in Durban but now resides in Cape Town, Currently an M.A student in the Classical Civilizations department at Rhodes University. His other works have appeared in New Coin, Bakwa, Saraba amongst others


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