Disillusion by Enobong

Enobong | May 26th, 2021 | poetry | No Comments


when we were boys,
everything was held like a hooked needle
and our expectations were crocheted into garments too colourful to be worn.
i remember elementary school…
i remember our colourful classrooms and corridors strewn with pictures of heroes past.
i remember we would argue—for long—
about who would be like who;
and i would not talk to my best friend because he had just said he wanted to be like the hero who i first said i wanted to be like.
i remember that composition writing that won me my last prize in elementary school– “When I Eventually Become Africa’s Youngest Pilot”
& i still have photographs of myself on our annual school career day…
i did not look bad in cockpit cloths.

well, today, a desperate young man wrestles his very last linen
from the cold hold of a society that assured him a wardrobe.

Poet Bio

Enobong is a Nigerian writer resident in Lagos. He has particular interest in creative writing and essay writing; and has written several short fictions and poems (including haiku) that cut across subjects including nature, humanity, culture, Africanism, social and national consciousness, nostalgic events, politics, the Divine, and death. He has also authored a number of essays and articles. His works have been previously published on Praxis Magazine, Haikuniverse, Nnoko Stories, The Shallow Tales Review, Nantygreens Magazine, Nymph Journal, Words Rhymes and Rhythm, Writenow Literary Journal, The Zen Space, Nasara Creative, and elsewhere. His haiku is also forthcoming in the Wales Haiku Journal Spring 2021 issue.
Currently, Enobong is a law student at the University of Lagos.

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