Divine Drunkenness by David Dephy

David Dephy | June 11th, 2024 | poetry | No Comments


The wishes grow slowly in our minds,
but fast in our memories, and calm.
We are the grapes — time is the essence
of divine drunkenness, when truth emerges.

Sometimes the storms displace the world
without washing us away.
Here the mist is a single thought
floating within islands of silence,

but there is a problem in the world,
the problem of truth— don’t you think
everything feels like a soulless copy
of something better you’ve already felt?

When prophets are around, we never confuse
the size of our prize with the size of our labor,
but we always do the same when prophets
disappear — we worship the golden calf.

We all whisper or sing quietly,
second by second, word by word,
breath by breath, for the now is the point,
at which we all touch eternity— drunk.

David Dephy
June 9, 2024
New York City

Poet Bio

David Dephy (he/him) (pronounced as “DAY-vid DE-fee”), is an American award-winning poet and novelist. The founder of Poetry Orchestra. Poet-in-Residence for Brownstone Poets 2024. His poem, “A Sense of Purpose,” is going to the Moon by The Lunar Codex, NASA, and Brick Street Poetry in 2024. He is named as “A Literature Luminary” by Bowery Poetry, “Stellar Poet” by Voices of Poetry, “Incomparable Poet” by Statorec, “Brilliant Grace” by Headline Poetry & Press and “Extremely Unique Poetic Voice” by Cultural Daily. He lives and works in New York City.

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